Selfie Control

Back in the Christians’ Holy Week I saw a cartoon in a magazine. Believers may have been knee-jerk offended by its blasphemy. Not a depiction of the M prophet… the Western world would not have dared… but of their guy Jesus. Jesus and his disciples are seated at the Last Supper. Jesus is holding his phone up to take the picture. The caption reads The Last Selfie.

Of course rational people see it as devoid of malice to use in passing a sacred tenet of faith to make a point about present day vanity photography. But should it go unpunished? Is it not time for the Church of England to join the fashion of the age and go in for some theatrical faux over-reaction over insults to its version of God?

On the other hand, perhaps it’s about time to say the unsayable and to tell certain faiths (you know who you are), to cease whining when stuff they don’t much like concerning their deity enters into the public realm? Medieval theological hissy fits that claim to know what might displease their big Kahuna are just asinine in a world where the heavens are filled to bursting with other people’s gods.

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1 Response to Selfie Control

  1. Well said. Everyone is far too precious these days, whether it’s about religion or anything else.


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