You Talkin’ to Me…?


19 Sept 1859 Daily Alta California

19 Sept 1859 Daily Alta California

The message that the past really is another country for which you have got nothing but a visitor’s visa is rammed home when you read this. (Click on the image). Crimes of passion have been happening since the Neanderthals. Domestic disputes boil over on a hot night when someone takes a knife from the kitchen or a hammer from the garage. But this?

This is of another age and almost of another universe. I was not looking for this tragic yarn of misplaced honour. But like the day you promise yourself to tidy the attic, expecting to do it in an hour, reading the story next to the one you are searching for in old newspapers can be as addictive a diversion as reading your old school reports.

The reporter’s comment:”Perhaps no one more sincerely regrets its fatal termination than Mr. Gatewood himself” may be misplaced. The good doctor was hoping for an alternative ending.




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