Dancing in the Dark

Those lines from that song keep echoing in my mind, “I’m sick of sitting ’round here trying to write this book.” Though I have been a tad otherwise engaged trying to finish retelling the stories of two audacious global financial frauds from the early 1870s  — a book which now has the title An Infinite Deal of Nothing  — I said I would do this for the publisher so here goes:-

24 hours, 24 books. Endeavour Press, the UK’s leading digital publisher, will be celebrating the first International Read an eBook Day by giving away a free book for every hour of the day.

Debuting on September 18th, International Read an eBook Day plans to celebrate and raise awareness of digital reading. Readers will be encouraged to share their stories online using the hashtag #eBookDay on Facebook and Twitter, or by commenting directly at http://www.readanebookday.com.

Blushingly, I have to say that my biography of steely-hearted Scottish American philanthropist Andrew Carnegie entitled Carnegie will be one of the 24. It’s worth having a look at the site, as well as getting to know the darker side of Andrew Carnegie.

Talking of the Scots and of Dancing in the Dark, which they doubtless are, two very distantly related Caledonian factoids on the eve of the hullabaloo about Scotland becoming a country once again. Though I can claim Scottish ancestry on my paternal grandmother’s side, I care next to nothing about this. However, I heard — and I do not doubt that it’s true — that, after Scotland leaves, two statistical miracles will occur in the UK.

  • Average rainfall will decrease
  • Life expectancy will go up

I’d give Scotland about a decade before they’re asking to — no, make that begging to — rejoin the rest of the UK as their economic experiment will have gone sporran up by then and they’ll be a mcbasket case that makes Argentina look prosperous. But, hey, it’s their choice. However, they’ve made no friends in Spain as the Catalans are ready to start their own ‘Brave-Corazón’ bid for independence. Where’s Simon Bolivar when you need him?

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