John Hassall: the poster man

I’m a sucker for this Fauvist palette of sludge greens contrasted with pure tones, picked out with non-realist black outlines. Enjoy…

The Library Time Machine

You may not have heard of the artist John Hassall. But you’ve almost certainly seen his most famous work, the Jolly Fisherman. (You know the one: “Skegness – it’s so bracing”). You may have even have seen his other famous advertising creation, the Kodak Girl.

Take a Kodak with you, advertisement for Kodak cameras, British, c 1910.
But have you seen this?

Kensington Battalion Poster  A3

Oddly modern for a WW1 recruitment poster it has the intensity of a panel in a comic, demonstrating Hassall’s ability to create a striking graphic image. Hassall lived in Kensington and was probably known to Sir William Davison, the Mayor of Kensington during the Great War who may have commissioned the picture.

John Hassall (1868-1948) worked in advertising from the late 19th century and was also an illustrator of children’s books. In 1900 he started the New Art School and School of Poster Design in Kensington. One of his pupils was H M Bateman. He closed the school at the…

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