You kind of held out the hope that US medicine was somehow better — because of the money spent on aggressively interventionist diagnostics and treatment. Victo dolore says different and it’s mostly people that are the problem. But just to cheer you up, read her previous post, Happy Dance

Behind the White Coat


I have had a number of nurse practicioner students come through my office over the years. I love to teach even though it is very stressful, patient satisfaction scores drop, and my production takes a hit.

It is very frustrating, given this, to take on a student weeks from graduation who cannot tell me what is an appropriate oral antibiotic for strep throat or if an EKG is abnormal or not. Worse, they do not seem to care to learn.

After turning down multiple students so far this year, I finally agreed to take on another one a few weeks ago:

“What is your differential diagnosis for chest pain?”


“Tell me the current PAP guidelines.”


“What antibiotic would you choose for community acquired pneumonia?”

Blank stare.

“When do you graduate?”

In a month.

I realize that this may stir some controversy. Let me say that there are some…

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  1. Victo Dolore says:

    Thank you for the reblog!


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