Add these glimpses of forgotten social history to your ‘to do’ list when you’re next in London, courtesy of Dave Walker’s superb Kensington library website. Give him an award someone!

The Library Time Machine

If you like fresh milk how would you like it delivered to your door two to three hours after milking? Would you like to specify the cow from which your milk came? Would you like to try a few cows before you find one you liked more than the others? Did you even know it was possible to detect a difference in milk from different cows? I suppose there  must still be milk conoisseurs out there. Farmers, certain chefs or restauranteurs perhaps but we hardly ever get milk straight from the source these days. The age of refrigeration has brought a standard kind of milk which tastes pretty much the same and is completely safe to drink. And it’s icy cold which is the only way I would want to drink it.

But it wasn’t always like that and there was a time when people who drank just as much…

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1 Response to Milk

  1. Mark Hoskins says:

    He said ‘Do you want it pasteurised, coz pasteurised is best?’
    She said ‘Ernie I’d be happy if it came up to my chest!’
    And that tickled old Ernie.😃


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