Donald Trump’s hair peace

This may be the way that it was just before Rome fell. With barbarians cradling assault rifles at the gate, the commentariat wile away the time that is left to them by worrying themselves sick about Zwarte Piet-type problems. Zwarte Piet is Santa’s cool helper and is a harmless Christmas tradition for kids that dates back (probably) to a time before the average villager in the low countries (Holland and Belgium to you and me) ever saw an African. A Belgian government minister recently got attacked for continuing the tradition.

swart 2

If this is racist…


Tell me why this is not?

In fact neither is. Racism is about intent.

Tell that to a bunch of super-sensitised people out for a walk recently…

swart piet

In Spring there is another pre-Christian icon that is celebrated in Europe. It is the Green Man. Ok Ireland and Kermit, start protesting… he’s green.

swarte 4

As an ancient philosopher once sang:

Can blue men sing the whites?


In case you were wondering about the title, as we are running out of inconsequentials to whine about before the end of days, I am counting the hours before making fun of quiffs, combovers, mullets and the like is considered ‘hairist’.


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