The stars look very different today

As the JaggerDaltreyTownsendRichardsWattsYoungStillsMcCartneyGilmourNashDylanetc creatures start to fall from their perches, we should be prepared to withstand more of this sentimentalised handwringing from the media. The hardass in me says that only to his wife, family and friends was Bowie’s departure ineffably sad, but for those, like us, who liked what he did, not whether he left the toilet seat up or was kindly to his daughter, we are lucky that this age in which we live is now of permanence; of the inviolable, invincible eternity of immortality. We do not need a locket-full of hair to remember him by. We can download him forever. After all, “He could be dead, he could be not. He’s chameleon, Corinthian, comedian and caricature”.

Put on your red shoes…

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