Even the bad times are good

An irony of the lust for content to fill up hours of broadcast, megabytes of digital and pages of newsprint,  is that one bad thing ‘done good’ for a Presidential candidate, while a good thing ‘done bad’ for the other.

The bad thing? Thoughts of an assassination.  Nothing makes you look more Presidential — like Ronald Reagan resurrected — than being bundled from a public place by Secret Service agents. That was the lot of Donald Trump. Worth a few votes from the ‘unsure of his gravitas’ group of folks near to voting for Trump .

And the good news for Hillary Clinton that turned out not to be? — when the FBI told the world that the thousands of e-mails discovered by the FBI on the Weiner computer would not lead to a Grand Jury. All that such seemingly good news really succeeded in doing was to hammer home further the nails in the coffin of her chances of being President. The story was dropping from the news cycle till Sunday, then whammo. Like picking the scab from a recent wound, it reminded the stay at homes to do just that and directed the Hillary for Prison mobs toward the polling booths.

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