This takes all the biscotti

From a British daily that once was listed in the realm of ‘quality newspapers’ but has descended the slippery slope of clickbait, The Daily Telegraph, today comes this howl-at-the-moon mad piece of over-interpretation of archaeology based on an agenda. We have previously ventured into noting that everything that ended up in a river or a ditch must have had ‘religious significance’ according to today’s archaeologists, but this takes the concept ‘…it must be so cos I want it to be so’ to a new depth. Note to self: when sheltering under a tarpaulin with my nextdoor neighbour from an erupting volcano and about to die, I will make sure that our proximity will not allow the suggestions. Worth reading the comments section in confirmation that there are still folks like us out there who do not fall for this guff…

Embracing figures at Pompeii ‘could have been gay lovers’, after scan reveals they are both men

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