When science and religious cults collide

For good measure about the ‘climate change causes bad things… look, see it’s flooding, therefore it must be’ debate, and yes I know it’s from Breitbart, but it should give the more rabid and uninformed warmists just a teensy weensy pause for thought about whether stuff is cause and effect or just effect.

Dr. Duane Thresher, who has a PhD in climate science from Columbia and NASA GISS, told Breitbart News that attributing specific climatic events to global warming is simply dishonest.

“It is a fundamental fact, although increasingly ignored, that no single climate event or location can be attributed to global warming,” Thresher said.

“There is simply no valid way to prove a connection and correlation is not causation.”

According to Thresher, relying on simple correlation leads to absurd conclusions like the following:

“As global warming has supposedly been occurring, the average human lifespan has significantly increased. Therefore, global warming causes increased human lifespans,” he said.

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