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Spare the rod

You have to hope this gathering worldwide storm of populism is not a glissando towards Nazi-ism. Sure, there is a quickening in the political pulse. The disconnected nomenklatura and all-too-connected social welfarists demand that the people get to eat cake … Continue reading

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Local newspapers have a death wish

On British local newspapers, traditionally that time-honoured apprenticeship of newsgathering, ill-fitted Fleet Street tricks are being aped. You can see this for yourself in headline language used to “big up” a story. “Council boss hits out over bins horror”, “Attendance … Continue reading

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There should be a name for…

Shakespeare made up words. Now it’s your turn. There ought to be a name for… The tuft of hair that sticks from the back of a baseball cap The diablo of pleasure, then mild boredom, trounced by guilty remorse that … Continue reading

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