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First they came for Blair Cottrell, but I was not Blair Cottrell

Worth having a look at the Blair Cottrell case decided in Melbourne yesterday if you have a moment and care about free speech.It does not matter that it occurred on the other side of the world. It does not matter … Continue reading

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Asylum seekers or economic migrants stealing jobs?

Research is like rummaging through your dead grandad’s belongings, only to discover some never-told secret. I wasn’t looking for information on Jewish East European immigration; my interest was in Octavius Morgan and his views, as demonstrated by his speeches in … Continue reading

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You know all the words and you sang all the notes

We have sown a minefield and thrown away the map as we let the word ‘respect’ remake itself — and not in our image. When you read of a teen hoodlum who stabs someone who “disrespects” him, you can see … Continue reading

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