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A pebble on his grave: Albert Grant 1831-1899

He was once so eye-wateringly rich, he bought Leicester Square when it was under threat of redevelopment, just to give it to the nation. Continue reading

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“The Fiends We Are Fighting”

Now that the handwringing over the millions killed in the First World War has momentarily quietened, here’s a story that in all probability will not get told again, as it does not play the tidy vision of civilised nations fighting … Continue reading

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“In consequence of having had the screw put on…”

Every once in a while you bump into something you weren’t looking for, but the happenstance makes you smile. Although FH Lewisson of Auckland, New Zealand has been dead this many a long year, you have to have hoped that … Continue reading

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Staff Sargeant Reckless

Mr Ed’s braver brother…  

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A million men died — and it wasn’t in World War One

A cynic could play cliché bingo in Britain today. “Ultimate sacrifice”, “pals’ battalion”, “over the top”, “the mud”, “No Man’s Land”, “over by Christmas”, “lions led by donkeys”, “four years of trench warfare.” We are treating 100 years’ tick tock … Continue reading

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Secrets of the Cosmetic Art (Part 3)

Originally posted on All Things Georgian:
? Continuing our theme of beauty the following extracts from  Fashionable Magazine, October, 1787  suggests various methods for changing the colour of the hair, we would as usual however add our caveat that these should…

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