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Gervase Thompson – a most unfortunate death (1781)

Originally posted on All Things Georgian:
The White Swan, Ferrybridge ? Gervase Thompson, a tapster at the White Swan inn at Ferrybridge in the West Riding of Yorkshire, suffered a most unfortunate death in the February of 1781. ? A…

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The story of ace detective Cora Strayer

Thanks to Strange Company for this and I await the movie… Strange Company: The Adventures of Miss Cora Strayer, Private Detective

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Stanley says “Less passion from less protein”

February 22 marked the 100th anniversary of the birth of Stanley Green. “OK, move on, nothing to see here”. In a year of round figure anniversaries — 800 since Magna Carta; 600 since Agincourt; 200 years since the Battle of … Continue reading

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Declare your pigeon, monsieur, or else

Before the EU made all the rules, the French made all their own. They love rules so much, it’s almost pathological. It is September 1885 and Madame Defarge has been seen hanging around the pigeon loft… Can you envisage just … Continue reading

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Careful with that axe Eugenia

I recommend this blog from Strange Company about… well, as (s)he says: “For me, one of the innumerable joys of the “Illustrated Police News” is that while they did report on a lot of women who were victims of the … Continue reading

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