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Forever blowing bubbles

It was the BIBA of its age. As one commentator put it “All the world and his wife is visiting Dr Dresser’s shop”. Continue reading

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Mr Herbert Railton, illustrator

Originally posted on The Library Time Machine:
In 1910 the entertainingly named W. Outram Tristram had a book out called Moated Houses. I find Tristram’s prose style a little hard to follow. It’s pompous, rambling and obscure. And that book…

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Bad Education

Slightly off any topic at all to do with history, I wonder how long before some benighted college student is accepted onto a PhD programme somewhere to produce their thesis “Inherent racism, oppressive hierarchies and social divisiveness in the Harry … Continue reading

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Burt Shavitz: Way to go, Burt

Detail from today’s New York Times obit of Burt Shavitz, beekeeper and co-founder of Burt’s Bees lip balm:- “He had hawks and owls and stunning sunsets and his neighbors’ good will, he explained, and no claims to gregariousness. Two of … Continue reading

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Religious significance has the whip hand on the road

The Victorians — people of the age, not just those under the flag of the British Empire — were proudly aware that they did not know everything; though each and every day they grew to know more and more. They … Continue reading

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